NBA 2K23 VC does not come in after purchase

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If you purchased VC in NBA 2K23 but don’t see it reflected in your account, you’ve come to the right place in our knowledge base.

Before submitting a ticket, please note that it may take several hours for your purchased VC to be credited to your account (especially during periods of high online traffic). keep it up!

If you have not received your VC after waiting at least 24 hours, we will investigate the issue.

Note : Please note that we may escalate your request to Nintendo/Sony/Microsoft/Steam for auditing of missing transactions.

The first thing to do is to file a support ticket ( ). When filling out the Description field about what’s going on, be sure to include the following information:

Gamertag /PSN ID/Steam ID/Nintendo ID:

This may include your continent or country.
2K account email address :
Amount missing :
Copies of receipts and transaction history ( must be photos or screenshots ):
Your receipt may be the email sent to you when you confirm your purchase.
Make sure your transaction history includes your username, email address, or ticket number for viewing.
We’ll need both your receipts and a copy of your account’s transaction history.

If you’re having trouble getting records of your VC purchases, here’s a guide to help you. We have categorized the steps by platform.

Nintendo purchases:

To check your transaction history on Nintendo Switch, use the eShop.

Select “Nintendo eShop” from the HOME menu to launch Nintendo eShop.
If your system has multiple user accounts, select the account you want to use.
Access your account information by selecting the icon image in the top right corner.
Select “Re-download”. You will see a list of all purchased software that is not currently downloaded to your system.
Only software purchased with a Nintendo Account will be displayed. Software purchased with other Nintendo Accounts on your console will not appear in the “Redownload” list.
If all purchased content is currently downloaded and available for playback on your system, this list will be empty.
For Nintendo Switch, you will also need a screenshot of your Nintendo Support ID. This can be found in the Switch menu > System Settings > User > Profile > Scroll down and click on Customer Support Number.

Note : A receipt for each transaction on the Nintendo Switch eShop will be emailed to the Nintendo Account where the purchase was made. Please check your email for a complete history of your transaction. (For children’s Nintendo accounts, the email will be sent to the parent’s email address.)

SONY AMERICA refund application :

We are no longer able to accommodate refund requests. If you have trouble getting a refund for your PlayStation purchase, please contact Sony-America Customer Support .


To check your PlayStation transaction history, please visit the account management website at:

Sign in to the account management site (
Select “Transaction History” from the home screen.
Select the account you want to view details for from the Account drop-down box (you can also view related sub-accounts from this page) and select a date range.
Select a transaction to view details.
If you need further help, please read .

Microsoft purchases :

To check your Xbox transaction history, visit: or in his web browser on PC or Mac /orders (this must be a desktop browser, not a mobile device).

Access your Microsoft account at
Select “Payment and Billing” > “Order History”
Scroll or filter to the purchased item in question
Click the profile icon in the top right corner to view the email associated with your account.
take a screenshot
Note : Before taking a screenshot, click on your MS profile picture in the right corner of the page to see your email/gamertag.

Steam Purchases : You can access your Steam transaction history by
logging in and visiting .
Note : Make sure your Steam receipt includes your invoice number.

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