MLB Trade Deadline Recap: Ohtani stays with LAA, Mets send out Scherzer & Verlander

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Following the MLB trade deadline passing, Hannah Keyser and Zach Crizer get together to recap the biggest moves and talk about which teams had the best (and worst) time reshaping their rosters for the playoff push.

On this special episode of The Bandwagon, Hannah and Zach get together to talk about all of the news coming out of the MLB trade deadline.

They start off by discussing the Los Angeles Angels, who became buyers at the deadline in hopes of making the playoffs and re-signing Shohei Ohtani this offseason.

They’re opposed by the New York Mets, who decided to sell both of their top pitchers (Max Scherzer and Justin Verlander) along with some of their better position players and relief pitchers, and look poised to build a young/talented roster the same way the Dodgers have.

The Texas Rangers are going all-in, having acquired Scherzer and Jordan Montgomery to pair with closer Aroldis Chapman, but first they’ll have to hold off the Houston Astros in the AL West.

The Houston Astros are the defending champions and, while they haven’t had the strongest season so far, they’re adding Justin Verlander back to a roster that is getting healthy and starting to look an awful lot like last year’s team. (NOTE: This podcast was recorded before Framer Valdez’s no-hitter.)

The San Diego Padres decided against selling on Blake Snell and Josh Hader and instead of hoping that they can catch the Los Angeles Dodgers, who followed a disappointing offseason with a disappointing trade deadline.

The Chicago Cubs are also going for it, mostly because they went on a winning streak, and the Miami Marlins frustrated Zach by moving around deck chairs at the deadline.

The New York Yankees did a whole lot of nothing at the deadline, and they’re a team that needed to do something. Their fans are angry and the media is left scratching their collective heads.

To end the podcast, Zach and Hannah both explain which teams had their favorite collective trade deadlines and why.

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